Ryanair case study analysis essay Ryanair and easyJet Case Study Essay

Ryanair case study analysis essay

By offering more routes to passengers, it will help Ryanair to generate more profits.

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Therefore, they have agreed to declare that this scheme should apply to efficient carries as despite to their minimal pollution aircraft. The recent advanced technology has enhanced further facilities and services to consumers in the EU Airline Industry.

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Once routes had been identified, Ryanair must establish their existence, become the first-movers and built customer loyalty. It was at this critical time that Andrea Jung, an Avon saleslady herself, was hired as CEO to help take the company in a new direction.

However, the interest cover ratio of easyJet slid to only 2.

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Thus, in study analysis to minimize loss, Ryanair solved the rising fuel price issue through engaged in fuel hedging which Ryanair made advance purchases of fuel at a personlig essay kjennetegn price for future delivery to protect against the case of anticipated rises in price. In addition, a PER of Similar conclusion could be drawn from its Price-to-Book and PE ratios. However, the ROCE slid dramatically to only 4.

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However, Ryanair could corporate with travel agencies, as this would bring another essay opportunity. However, if recession continues Ryanair has to consider undertaking re-planning business strategy as there capacity may not be enough to accommodate passenger volume growth. So, Ryanair should make some changes to improve its customer services.

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From the survey on secondary resources, the European high speed train network is steadily growing and aiming to become serious competition for aviation. Besides, Ryanair is very ethical in conducting its business. For example, it is optional for customers to purchase further services with Ryanair as they may or not feel needs to do so.

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