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In both Early and Late Patristic eras, the non-baptized believers catechumens were dismissed before Communion, as they were not allowed to participate in either the kiss of peace or the Eucharist.

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Joseph Sittler called it dogma and doxa, and used a group thesis analogy to describe the worship event. In reaction to both the rationalism of the Enlightenment, and to the formalized creeds of 17th century Protestantism, worship changed.

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Neither good design nor well-developed skills are an acceptable substitute for being chosen and empowered for ministry. In his commentary on Colossians 3: The Attitude salience and situational hypothesis Response Covenant obligation was not the sole motivation for worship amongst the ancient Hebrews.

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Psalm 34 gives an explanation of this dual process. Allen stresses that these various expressions are to be encouraged, but must be deeply rooted in biblical truths that are unchangeable.

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I gratefully acknowledge my family and friends, who make life a celebration. Effective worship leadership requires an intricate combination of knowledge, wisdom, passion and skill.

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The design of the corporate worship-set was judged quantitatively by the Kerygma theological contentand Leitourgia congregational groups thesis, including Koinonia included in the worship-set. Scriptural admonitions to use meditation are also abundant, as in Josh 1: The unity of the Trinity is foundational in the gathering of believers.

The aspiring worship leader will need to give much effort to ensure that corporate prayer, including silence, is both authentic and truly corporate.

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For there is one Person of the Father: One such example of half-hearted worship is the Church at Laodicea, which was chastised not for incorrect doctrine, but for halfhearted devotion Rev 3: I am also deeply grateful to the congregations of Quail Lakes Baptist Church in Stockton, California, and Cornerstone Community Church of Simi Valley, California, for their gracious acceptance of my leadership and development. Yet, no tool for teaching the practical aspects of worship leadership presented itself.

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Purpose, Design and Evaluation of This Project The stated objectives, as listed in the course syllabus, best convey the purpose of this practicum.