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Countries such as China and Thailand are quinine synthesis mechanism core providers of trafficking victims as are countries such as Cambodia, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Civil warfare also created destitute individuals vulnerable to be trafficked.

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Today, Indonesia and Cambodia are both undergoing political instability. Traffickers, Their Victims, and the People Who Buy Humans Although worldwide data on offenders, victims, and customers are limited, the UNODC recently compiled a profile of both offenders and victims based on information provided by various law enforcement agencies, government reports, nongovernmental organizations NGOs which organelle is responsible for the synthesis of proteins, research reports, and media reports.

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There are so many American based organizations with the fight against human day slavery in third world countries, but yet the issue seems overlooked in the U. Other reasons for its prevalence may be due to the belief that there is a relatively low research paper of being apprehended and punished.

II. Historical and Modern-Day Slavery

Most of those who become victims of human trafficking are usually abducted or are forced to do things against their will. It is important to take note that slavery may not be called slavery anymore but it does not mean that it has gone away.

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UNODC has determined that there are several notable worldwide trafficking patterns or routes through which victims are transported and then sold. At times, victims are recruited through advertisements in local newspapers. Their employers will be quick to inform them of their enslavement and conditions of their occupation, usually in the sex industry.

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These trafficking routes exemplify that countries that supply victims of human trafficking are generally those undergoing political and economic instability, while the countries that demand the sale of humans are those experiencing modest or considerable wealth and prosperity. Furthermore the report also shows that from December 7th, to December 31st,cases of human trafficking were reported in all 50 states. Wealth, economic prosperity, and countries willing to look the other way regarding the hiring of illegal immigrants are just a few examples of pull factors.

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These innocent people are deceived and bought and sold like property. Of course, most of these individuals are deceived into believing that employment opportunities are legitimate.