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A great number of scientists proved that children who eat breakfast produce better results at school, while adults feel and work better too.

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In spite of all available information about nutrition in schools, hospitals, Internet, it is apparent that overeating is a problem. Teenagers need special nutrients in order to support growth. Should taxis have free Wi-Fi?

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Should school days start with prayers? These important minerals participate in the majority of chemical reactions run in a body.

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Should children be punished physically? Should abortions be banned?

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There is something for everyone in here. Should capital punishment be allowed?

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Improvements can be made to cut the prices of organic food so that people obesity persuasive essay different incomes can afford buying healthy foods. In addition, it would be great if more affordable housing could be built for destitute families to have a safe place to live. Popular upenn optional essay really optional Should the tortures in prisons be forbidden?

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