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In particular, the flag is difficult to distinguish from a variety of flags based on the British Blue Ensignmost notably the national flag of New Zealand and the state flag of Victoria.

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It would help emphasise the sense of continuity between the old and the new, as well as being a landmark event in the lead up to the games and the centenary of Federation on 1st January The old flag would be lowered, closing the chapter on Australia in the first hundred years of federation. The design is simple, obeying the rules of heraldry.

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It is important to remember a flag is not a logo, but heraldry. At a short distance the two flags are almost identical.

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There have been plenty of attempts to design a new one. He was quoted as saying: There are different pros and cons to having an increase in immigration, which tend to be based on how these immigrants are affecting the US economy.

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Many suffered when their land was colonised by Britain. The Colours The use of indigenous symbolism has become a common theme among new flag designs.

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It has been used as a symbol of Australia since in the s when there were crown to kill a mockingbird essay prompts of the British Empire in Australia.

Our current flag suggests that as a country, we value Great Britain more highly than our own native people.

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