Synthesis of hkust-1 HKUST-1 as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Synthesis of Vanillin

Synthesis of hkust-1

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Carefully lift the two-neck round-bottom flask attached to the condenser and let it cool to room temperature. In order to achieve good catalyst properties, PCPs need to show, additionally to the accessibility of open metal sites, retention of the crystallinity after the catalytic experiment, relatively high thermal stability and chemical stability to the reaction conditions.

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However, these approaches have the disadvantage of harming the environment since these processes use strong oxidizing agents and toxic solvents Since the methodology i is the simplest thus, it is the most frequently used. The generation of catalytically active PCPs has been the main focus of many research groups Let the suspension stand for 15 min. The chemicals used in this catalytic procedure are relatively low in toxicity and non-carcinogenic.

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