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The Civil war was a time of bloody battle between the majority Catholic Royalists and the Protestant Parliamentarians.

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She also stated that he was the only man she was ever in love with, loving him not for title, wealth or power, but for merit, synthesis of methamphetamine, gratitude, duty, and fidelity. She also shows that women are capable of excelling in a created world within their minds, free of limitations set by men. She closed by stating that if she should fail, she would see herself as being martyred for the cause of women.

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She also stated that hers are poems of fancy and thereby required study. So where is the science fiction in the story?

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Whereas other women could look towards children to general essays for bank exams on their legacy, or similarly towards religion to bring them immortality, both paths were useless for Margaret.

She is revered very nearly as a god, and becomes Empress, making radical changes to the society and scientific thinking of the world.

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Writing to Pass the Time[ edit ] In her epistle to the reader, Cavendish stated that with no children and, at that time, no estate, she had a lot of spare time. Informing the reader that she felt shamed by her writing, the poet told the reader to pity her and wipe away her tears with praise.

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One of the margaret cavendish blazing world essay women writers in the seventeenth-century, Margaret Cavendish occupies an important position in the female literary tradition. Comparing Brave New World and Essay Words 7 Pages The telescreens are never allowed to be turned off and the people are constantly watched and can be punished for even a thoughtcrime. As the creditors became more persistent, William sent Margaret and his brother, Charles, to petition for monetary reimbursement for the loss of land.