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Electrical Engineering Non-Thesis 45 credits The Master of Engineering degree project option involves graduate-level courses and an internally examined research project.


Degree Admission Requirements In addition to satisfying the environmental science hypothesis examples for the M. A part-time program is possible.

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The project is of significantly less scope than a thesis, and includes options such as a technical review, a design project, or a small-scale research project.

Sapphire lasers, diode lasers, extensive optics and optomechanics, and sophisticated electronic and imaging equipment.

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These are normally funded from research grants or contracts awarded to individual faculty members. Satisfaction of these general requirements does not guarantee admission.

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Degree Admission Requirements The applicant must be the graduate of a recognized university and hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent, as determined by McGill, in Electrical, Computer, or Software Engineering or a closely related field.

The Photonics Systems laboratory includes continuous wave and femtosecond Ti: In addition, McGill University often collaborates with other institutions for teaching and research.

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The proximity of these schools to McGill University ensures that a rich array of courses is available to suit individual needs. Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Electrical Engineering The Ph.

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